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Construction of building systems, in the nature of composite fire panels, structural insulated panel wall systems, prefabricated concrete finishes and construction of modular accessory dwelling units and new homes.

Building Systems

At Ethos Home, we make our clients’ dream homes a reality. Our team of experts brings your vision to life. From concept to completion, we will handle all your home’s construction of building systems, specifically with design and construction in plumbing, electrical, mechanical and structural systems, interior and exterior finishes, site development and permits in both new homes and home renovations. 


Got Questions?

Commonly asked questions about modular and prefabricated home building:

Are Factory Built Modulars the Same as Mobile Homes?
No, factory built modular homes are NOT mobile homes, they are built to the international residential/commercial building code and required to be installed on permanent foundations and connected to local utilities. Mobile homes are built to a lesser standard similar to an RV and are not required to be installed on a permanent foundation. Unlike mobile homes modular homes can have a HUD backed home loan due to the higher construction standards.
How is Installing a Modular Home Different from a Site Built Home?
Modular homes are factory built structures that are typically built indoors–which is great because it allows for a cleaner and more efficient building process! Permits for mechanical electrical plumbing and structural work completed in the factory are approved by the state in which the structure was built. Any site built elements such as foundations and utilities, or accessory attachments–think proches, roof trusses etc. that need to be site built will be approved and built under the local building code requirements and should be permitted and installed by an experienced General Contractor.

Why Choose Ethos?

Prefabricated homes and building products are certainly not new, some early examples were produced during the Gold Rush where kits were sent to help Californian prospectors build quickly. Later in 1908 homes were available in kit form by mail order and are scattered in cities all over the US.

However, locally there are not a lot of General Contractors that specialize in smaller modular projects such as Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) AKA Granny Flats, single family or multi-family homes 20 units or less.

We have many years experience installing modular structures all over the Treasure Valley, in the greater McCall area, and in the Sun Valley region where there is heavy snow load. We specialize in building technologies that are fabricated in or outside of state and can help streamline the process for landowners.

Like What You See?

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